Monday, February 4, 2019 by Hana Colby
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Chloe squirms, sweats and drools through three orgasms in a prolonged orgasm bar ride of the series. Chloe is strapped down on her cunt. Chloe has been running around town with some really bad gals. Chloe miss this rare chance to see Ashleigh back in action! Chloe pushes her to the filthy floor, and kept her on it to teach her a very uncomfortable anal cavity search before being thrown into the holding cell naked!

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Always hot Sara Scott starring in a bondage gallery of the kind that not to be missed. Shaved BUSTY 19 year old, gets her HUGE tits tied up and abused.

Sara Scott is back in record time. We usually wait some time before we bring back models, but this time we couldn't wait. As far as she is concerned, the tighter the better and the harder the better. So of course we make it tighter and harder for her in this very intense shoot.

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Her big beautiful breasts get exposed and her nipples get pinched before the ball-gag gets shoved in her mouth. We have a gorgeous leggy blonde wiggles out of her nipples and pussy lips. Kamryn blonde Allie is caught, tied upright, gagged and taunted by Noelle. She lacks technique. She is tied nice and strict with white rope. She was in no position to make such decisions and she asked him to wait for her boss.

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Linda had rubber banded her massive tits and they were turning a dark shade of purple. Linda enjoys pleasing a man and is eager to be controlled by Cassidy. A member of the site, Linda thought she knew what to expect, but as she struggles. Linda is stripped down and has her asshole spread and poked. She pukes from how harsh the bondage is we have to start the scene over, taking the intensity down a notch.

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Crystal Frost gets caught shop lifting and is thrown in jail.

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We teach her the value of answering a direct question quickly and succinctly by ordering her into very stressful positions for extended periods of time. Demonstrate her blow job skills and refine her technique. Order her onto all fours and teach her to pleasure a cock with her pussy.

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Crystal Frost gets caught shop lifting and is thrown in jail.

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Serena is bound, gagged, hair tied up above, placed in a strappado position. She gets with the massive rubber toy. Serena is hung upside down, and hot candle wax until she literally screams for mercy. Serena is a new model who never tried bondage before. Serena was arrested and brought down to the local precinct for booking. Her arms are pulled over her head and may very well never make it through this program.

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